Computer Engineering


Computer Engineering can be defined as the design and prototyping of computing systems and devices. It focuses mainly on the ways in which computing logic is translated into physical systems. It differs from computer science, which is the systematic study of algorithmic methods to represent and map information, including their theory, design, implementation, application and efficiency. Computer engineering deals with the design and implementation of distributed environments, making multimedia such as text, speech, music, videos and other sources into a stream of data, Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) systems which involve tools, properties and design of micro-miniaturized devices, and reliable computing and advanced architectures for parallel computing.

Computer Engineering combines the academic disciplines of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science to develop new computer systems. Master in Computer Engineering graduates combine their understanding of computer hardware and software to develop new computer components or improve existing designs. Offered at universities and academic institutions around the world, Master of Computer Engineering programs prepare graduates for highly valued, lucrative careers in design, development, research and testing of computer hardware and software.

Computer engineering is one of the newest and fastest growing fields in the world! Having become more and more relevant over the last four decades, today it is a highly lucrative and challenging disciplines that is structurally integral to many facets of our society–buildings, computers, cellphones, and much more! Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, or it’s equivalent, gives students an incredibly high return on their investment, and allows graduates access into a huge number of work environments where their expertise is needed.

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